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  1. What does Texila Elearning offer?

    Texila Elearning offers skill enhancements programs of shorter duration between 1 month and 1 year in the field of Business and Management, Public Health, Clinical Research, Information Technology, Education, Industrial Oriented and Behavioral Science… etc…

  2. How is Texila different from other eLearning course offerings?

    We offer job readiness program that best suits both students aspiring for their career and professionals who seek growth in their workplace.

  3. Difference between Texila American University and Texila Elearning?

    Texila American University offers Bachelors and Masters Programs and whereas Texila Elearning offers short term Skill enhancement Programs.

  4. Why is Texila offering short term courses?

    Since Texila is focused on job readiness and to help an individual’s career and help closing skill gaps, wehave come up with an eLearning methodology to help out student’s continuous education.


  1. What are the courses offered?

    Certifications on Public Health, Nursing, Business and Management, behavioral science and Clinical research are offered with minimum graduation as eligibility criteria.Please visit:

  2. What is the duration of the course?

    The Programs ranges from 1 month to 1 year and all these would be Certificate Programs.

  3. How many programs can be taken simultaneously?

    Each user can simultaneously enroll for 2 courses max.

  4. What is the medium of instruction?

    We currently only offer the Programs in English

  5. What is the Mode of Delivery?

    TIU programs are offered through eLearning with Faculty Led Training mode via the Moodle Platform

  6. What all elements would a typical programs contain?

    TIU’s Faculty-Led Training programs usually contains the below1. Program Content, Videos & Audios2. Assignments3. Assessments with MCQ types

  7. When will programs start?

    The program are scheduled to start in the first week of every month.

  8. What are the deadlines for the Programs?

    The deadlines varies and can be tentative as follows:1. 1 Month program can be completed within 2 months’ time 2. 2 Month programs to be completed within 3 months’ time 3. 3 Month programs to be completed within 6 months’ time

  9. How are the timelines conveyed during the course?

    TIU’s coordinator would coordinate the timelines through email and via the Moodle platform.

  10. Can I enroll myself in a course that has already started?

    Yes, you can enroll yourself in the course.

  11. How many participants are allowed for each course?

    There are no limits for the number of participants, but a set of 30 would be assigned as a batch for each faculty.

  12. What is the cost of each course?

    Each course has its own pricing Plans, Please refer the website for pricings.

  13. How Should I make the payment after I have decided to enroll in the course?

    You can purchase the program using your Credit/Debit card, Net banking, and PayPal as we have a secure payment gateway and you can pay through multiple currencies like INR, USD & AED. In-case of any assistance you could write to

  14. I added to cart,but the page is not going further, whom should I contact?

    Please contact

  15. How am I notified upon payment for a course?

    Upon payment, you will be getting an email receipt to your registered email address.

  16. Accidentally I paid twice, what should I do for a refund?

    Please send an email to with the reference number.

  17. I have paid the fees for the programs and I have received a payment receipt from TIU, when will I get my login information?

    The Login credentials would be available to you via a separate email upon the course purchase.

  18. Is the password secure or should I change the password once I receive it?

    Password is secure and if you feel that you need to change the password,you have the option to update your password in your login page itself.

  19. I forgot my password; can I reset the password by myself?

    Yes, while you try to login there is a Forgot password link and you can use that link to reset your password or do get in touch via the email and we would help you.

  20. Which courses offer certificates?

    All the courses offer you certificate upon completion.

  21. Is there any additional cost for the certification?

    No, there is no additional cost for the certificate, it’s included in the course fees.

  22. I don’t need the course; can I just pay for the certificate and write the test?

    Oops!!! Sorry,this option is not available.

  23. Can I get both hard and soft copy of my certificate?

    Yes, you can avail both the Hard & Soft copy of the certificate. They would be sent to your registered email & mailing address.

  24. I lost my certificate remove ‘that I did’ few months back, can I get a duplicate certificate?

    Yes, you can with an additional cost of USD. 50

  25. I never received my hard copy of my certificate, whom should I contact?

    Please do drop a mail to and we would be able to track it for you.

  26. Would I be able to get a discount for the programs I enroll?

    Yes, please write to

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